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It runs in the Family

It all started…

We are two sisters highly passionate for health and tradition.

Our passion originates from our ancestors and their love in Greek tradition and our roots.

Our goal is to transmit our legacy to others and spread the love and care with many.

We created this product in honor of our great-grandmother, who created this recipe almost about a century ago.

Our “child”  : Ambrosa

 In search of a natural hair nutritiant, she came up with a formula that was based in natural oils and herbs from her land. Her family grew up by selling traditional food that was solely coming from their land.

The formula was so unique that she felt the difference straight ahead. Her hair was always long with shiny finish and in place.

She kept on using it during her lifetime and then fortunately shared the secret to healthy hair with our grandmother Maria who eventually spread the word to us.

We are now in the very happy place to produce this earthily-based ingredient recipe in its glamourous edition.

Our shared loved for long and healthy hair  and Greek natural products lead us to the creation of Ambrosa.

We share our Ambrosa experience.

Enjoy yours.