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The nectar for your hair!

This magical potion will nourish, hydrate and transform your hair. It is based on a century old secret formula and is meant to rock your bad hair days. Ambrosa will keep your hair in line on a daily basis. It will moisturize and shine your hair and offer the nectar they need to look their best.

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Ambrosa is an extra virgin olive oil and honey infused hair oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is considered one of the most beneficial oils for your hair. It contains antioxidants that remove harmful free radicals from your scalp or the surface of your hair. To protect the hair follicle with antioxidants from free radicals is of crucial significance because it will prevent a  possible hair loss. Olive oil is also considered to be an excellent emollient  that penetrates the hair shaft much better that other types of oils. This results to shinier and healthier hair and improves hair elasticity.

Honey is an excellent humectant because it helps keep the moisture in the hair preventing breakage. Honey stengthens hair follicles, boosts hair growth and promotes hair regrowth even from dormant follicles.

Milk thistle has amazing benefits for hair. It prevents hair loss, protect the hair follicles and repairs existing damage on the hair. Milk thistle and more specificaly its extract silymarin is capable of eliminating the excess hormones from the body. This miraculous herb and its extracts have the power to do wonders on the hair.

Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help condition and strengthen hair in order to control frizz and repair split ends. An excellent sealant that will add shine to dull hair.

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